Profile description of Rafha Madrid:

We could define Rafha Madrid the same way and with the same adjectives we all do describe many great dj’s from the best clubs around the world. However, there is something unique that sets Rafha apart: his beat. Rafha Madrid’s beat intertwines from different brushes of electronic music and house music, which makes his sets such an exuberant and energetic experience where the audience is unable to stop dancing. Rafha Madird started his Dj career by chance since he had never envisioned himself as a Dj in his youth. Nonetheless, he has always been a night owl, enthusiastic in a dance floor, and passionate of a sportive life. With such spirit, he found himself one night in a friend’s house playing around with a mixing table where he discovered what now is his greatest passion; music.

    1:00   Rafha Madrid - Tribal Lovers
    7:40   Nacho Chapado - Rhythm Plans
    12:20   Alan Capetillo - My House (Feat. Nina Flowers)
    20:40   Lost Tribe - In da House
    30:00   Pedro Pons - Dark Sweet Piano 2016
    36:00   Ivan Gomez - Unexpected Feelings
    42:20   Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart
    50:20   VMC - Instinto

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