Maitreya Rael: Identify your Illusions (72-06-11) - Part 2 of 12
Asian Happiness Academy, June 11th, 72 aH, Okinawa, Japan

In this video, Maitreya Rael explains that fasting in silence for 24 hours, is the most important thing to awaken the supraconsciousness. This is a unique opportunity for us to identify our illusions, by asking ourselves, when we are alone, “What are my illusions?”

Our society is full of illusions which prevent us from reaching supraconsciousness. Our whole life is an illusion. Science, religion, politics, everything is an illusion, added Maitreya Rael, all except three things: infinity in space, infinity in time, and the most important, love; real love, not hormonal "love" which also creates a huge illusion.

In order to help us develop a better level of connection, Maitreya Rael recommends us not to use the computer or cellphone for at least one day a week, something that can be very difficult for many people who are clearly addicted. Moreover, he tells us that by creating these moments of silence, kindness arises automatically.

To conclude his lecture, Maitreya Rael reminds us of these three rules to awaken the supraconsciousness: do things slowly, kindly and with laughter. “But to reach this level, you have to get rid of your illusions!”

*Please note that at the moment of filming this video, the voice of Maitreya Rael was not in a good condition. Even so, Maitreya Rael humbly accepted to talk to us with the same energy and dedication that he is known for.


25,000 years ago, an advanced people from space, who had reached a perfect mastery in the synthesis of DNA, terraformed the earth to pursue their experiments in the creation of life in laboratories.

They started with simple organisms, progressively designing increasingly sophisticated models of living art, until they were able to make human beings, "in their own image and likeness".

Traces of this epic masterpiece of creation can be found in many ancient texts, including the Bible, where humans called them the "Elohim", which is a plural word meaning "those who came from the sky".

They remained in touch with humanity by sending teachings of love through their prophets (the founders of the great religions), who are still alive on their planet, thanks to cloning, the secret of eternal life.

In 1945 the bombing of Hiroshima heralded the start of the Age of Apocalypse, meaning "revelation" in Greek, where humanity's level of science can allow us to both understand our origins rationally and build a paradise on earth through the peaceful application of technology, or use it instead to self-destruct.

It was at that point that the Elohim decided to contact their last envoy Rael, and entrust him with a message adapted to our times, addressed to all of humanity.

With this important mission in hand, Rael founded the Raelian Movement with the aim to spread these Messages around the world and to eventually establish an official embassy to welcome our creators back to Earth, where they can share their advanced science and philosophical knowledge.

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