Israel Elizondo alias SHENTE comes from Tijuana and is cofounder of the HEM crew (Hecho en Mexico). The crew did a lot of nice mirrors and paintings in Tijuana, Mexico and in projects around the world during the last decades. During a trip through Israel he did some streetart with local sprayers and together they put some more color on the walls over there. Haifa and Bethlehem have been stops on the route where they did some work. Especially the wall to Palestine near Bethlehem needs much more paint. SHENTE meanwhile works as one of the elders in the HEM network with the younger artists and newbies. He supports their talents, teaches them knowledge and tricks and tries to give them opportunities to get them from the street. In an interesting interview he tells us about the graffiti culture in Tijuana, the HEM Hecho en Mexivo crew and the artprojects in Israel.

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