Actually, Phillip Cross is a farmer, at least he calls himself that. He comes from a small village in the Dorset region of England, grew up on the family farm and grows organic food on the farm. He sets his talent for drawing deliberately behind, calling it a passion, but not as a profession. He paints because he can not help but because he has to because he enjoys it and he for hours forgetting the time. He does not paint to sell or exhibit, but for his own special experience. These attitudes are good prerequisites for getting really good at something. And his pictures are good. He grew up on a farm, works as a farmer, but by heart he is an artist. He creates his drawings and his art with watercolor, oil and currently mainly with pastel colors. Especially on the journey this is the most practical. The motifs are landscapes and nature observations, but also city life, buildings and people. He paints indoors and outdoors, often takes pictures of the scenery and later works on the painting block with these templates. Great role models are painters like William Turner and John Constable from the Romantic period.

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