Fujii Mototsugn of the guesthouse regularly prepares traditional local dishes for its guests. In an interview he tells us about the project, the city and its antique book shop. The name of the guesthouse actually comes from an eel. And the guesthouse is no ordinary. The non-profit organization "Onomichi Abandoned House Reclamation Project" is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of ancient buildings in the town and in the region. The artists' group AIR Onomichi (Artist in Residence) has launched the project and since 2007 has been inviting artists to the city to work together on historic and empty buildings and to preserve them from decay through creative restoration. Co-organizer Komyouji Kaikan offers in his gallery information about the projects and the local art. The "Anago No Nedoko" is a Kyoto longhouse that was renovated in 2012 in the old style and converted into a hostel with a restaurant and cafe. The stay is an interesting experience and really recommendable. The architecture and layouts have been modernized on the one hand, but also kept up to date. It also does not feel like you're in a hostel, but really at someone's home in a big flat. An apartment that is very Japanese, with all the gimmicks, all in ryokan style and with hot pot table.

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