Hey Everyone! Since everything is happening on the tube these days, I've decided to setup a new videocast series, which hopefully appear biweekly, depending on how much time will I have. I know I'd need a HD camera, but that's quite alright coz it's on its way, not to mention in the future episodes I may check-in from various locations and you may not only see my hands working. Obviously many of you know that I'm not a one-style DJ. Besides Techno, you may expect House, Tech-House, Breakbeat, and Drum and Bass to be added soon. I may also have quests invited to play live from time to time, but lets just not share too much info yet. Hope you'll forgive me for the poor quality, but at least it's a start :) Enjoy

Link to the videoset: youtu.be/UyNExKfyYlM


ExploSpirit - Explowoofer 1000
Steam Shape - Ocsid (David Temessi rmx)
Halvy - Fentanyl (Phutek rmx)
Champas - Witness (ExploSpirit rmx)
D-Unity - Time to See
D-Deck - Cobalto
Spektre - Road to Nowhere (Steam Shape rmx)
Joe Kendut, Ina - Plan B
Spiros Kaluomenos - Isometric (Dario Sorano rmx)
Chicago Loop - Silverback
Mark Sherry & Gene Karz - Global Eclipse (HP Source rmx)
Kaizer the DJ - Nothing is Real (ExploSpirit rmx)
Tom Hutt - Outlast (Gene Karz & Lesia Karz rmx)
Steam Shape - Seeking Destinations
Simone Tavazzi - Alpha Decay
Dax J. - Warp
Alex Di Stefano - Black Panther
Jay Lumen - Pattern One

    0:00   exploSpirit - ExploWoofer 1000
    38:20   Kaizer The DJ - Nothing Is Real (ExploSpirit Remix)
    58:40   Alex Di Stefano - Black Panther

    Techno, Global Techno
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 132 bpm
    • © No rights reserved
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