Hunting was an art when it was in a balanced way, without taking more as what one needed and with respect of the nature, what is actually not more the case since ages. Truth is naked and the daughter of Time, it also belongs to nature, interesting is to see what she will tell but one already can have idea.

I started the set with a pseudo metal track, it was a kind of joke, not sure listeners always understand my jokes..., or maybe they did but don't find it funny! loll

The 20th of March 2015

    2:40   Nils Frahm - You
    5:40   Crisobal Tapia De Veer - Utopia Finale
    8:20   zeroh - *heavy breathing*
    12:00   Jeri-Jeri - Gawlo Version
    16:00   Jonny Faith - Zheng
    20:00   Feldermelder - On The Roof Of An Unimportant City
    23:20   Redinho - Shem
    27:40   zeroh - Apogeo
    41:40   The Gaylads - Africa
    45:20   zeroh - Envoûter
    47:20   Cashmere Cat - With Me
    51:40   Jonny Faith - Firefly
    54:20   Flosstradamus - Soundclash
    1:01:40   Tropkillaz - Beatdown

    Electronica, beats, bass
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