Profile description of Punk Buddha Clown:

Punk Buddha Clown is a multi cultural project that fusions sounds from around the world,visual arts,fashion,comedy and a lot of experimentation.Nikos started his career as a Go Go Dancer supporting with his acts most of ‘Superstar’ Djs and events in night clubs for many seasons in Ibiza and across the world till finally deciding to jump behind the dj booth and offer his definition of sound , founding Hontas Records Label and touring with his Healthy Oriented/Sober Parties and Concept known as Feel More Than Fine since 2010.

A Multigifted Artist with a special attention in attuning sounds on the natural frequency of 432HZ and other ,he is delivering outstanding performances with the intention to truly raise the vibrations through purity of sound & inviting to dance bare foot in a pure environment close to nature.There are of course always some spontaneous gigs taking place in big cities and smaller towns but he knows that nothing is better than playing in open air events where everybody present is truly connecting with their higher self through dancing.Disco meditation?So It Is and that is the meaning of music,isn't it?

The Power Of House,The Power of Now
Punk Buddha Clown soon in Town =:o)

Genres include:

TechHouse / DeepHouse / Techno/ Minimal / Psy Trance/Electronica Indie WITH SPECIAL ATTENTION IN attuning sound on 432 Hz and 528 HZ


    29:00   Ss Ventura - Las Vegas Parano

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