Say Goodbye

Verse 1:
Walking on the edge of time
The place that man forgot
The place that she begot
Where matter meets light
And no one can survive

Pre Chorus:
Join me here in this space
Where we cannot exist
Join me here right now
And you will not be missed

For we will be eternal
In the damned Infernal
Write it in your journal
And say goodbye

Bridge 1:
Stop Stop Stop…
Surrender Surrender

Verse 2:
You never exist
Hence you will not be missed
This time and space
Is not where you have place
We are on a different plane
Not the one from whence you came

Verse 3:
We are on a timeline
Where there is a fine line
Of what is real
and what is not
with laughter we squeal
To grab the spot
For which we fought

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