Lyrics:Lazy Day
Verse 1:
I’m goin’ down to the crick
I’ll gonna take my walkin’ stick
I’ll lay down on a float
Pretend it’s a big ol’ boat
Open up a beer or two
Or three or four or maybe more

Verse 2:
What’s that in my pocket
I’ll put it on the docket
It’ll help me feel fine
It’s a bit of ole’ moonshine

Verse 3:
I’m getting’ to a good spot
I think I’ll tie me a knot
The water’s still and the hole is deep
Think I’ll dangle my feet
Pull out the fishin’ pole
Have search for my ole soul

Verse 4:
I’m floatin’ in the water
Cause I think it’s getting’ hotter
I’m starting to bend and sway
As my mind is driftin’ away
Maybe I’ll see my brother
Better yet I’ll have another

    Country, Bluegrass
    • Type: Original
    • © Creative Commons: Attribution
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