I wrote the structure of this song for another artist. That artists did not care for it. I liked it and did not want to discard it. Although I don't think I am the best vocalist I decided I wanted to sing on it. Here it is with my vocals and guitar.

Lyrics: It Hurts
She said I ain’t got it
I ain’t got what it takes for her
She said no, she loves someone else
I’m not getting’ no chance with her
It hurts that I ain’t goin
It hurts that I’m not the one
It hurts that it’s someone else
Playin’ her game with my heart
Verse 2:
My body aches on the inside
There’s a pain that won’t go away
It hurts when I think about her
And I think about her all of the time
Verse 3:
I see her walkin’ down the street
I have to turn and run
I can’t stand the pain that over comes me
Knowing I’m not, I can’t be the one

    Blues, Blues-Rock, Rock, Rhythm & Blues, Good Music, Pain, rejections, alternative, Alternative rock, Love lost, love, rejection
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