Ganymede is a moon that orbits Jupiter. It is the largest moon in our solar system. Ganymede is larger than the planet Mercury.

Lyrics: Ganymede

Verse 1:
You stand out among all - the glorious moons
You are a beauty of une-qualed proportions
All the others look at - you with envy
You orbit the strongest – mate Jupiter

You leave no doubt that you are to be envied

Gannymede - With your own
Gannymede - magnetic pool
Gannymede - you cannot
Gannymede - be ignored

Verse 2:
Mercury looks up to you – you are so big
Men can’t wait to explore your – depths and secrets
Wondering about what is in there – the magic you hold
Looking on with admiration - Hoping for a chance

Gannymede Gannymede

Verse 3:
We want to know you The JUICE- is coming
Know about your workings - What makes you tick
Why you are so amazing - Gannymeade

Originally part of chorus:
Your atmosphere that smothers all who get too close
What are the secrets that lie beneath your surface

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