Sometimes, deciding for yourself can make you selfish and you are not aware of it. If so, there's bound to be feedback or drawback. The drawback is when the feedback fails.

music and lyrics: Pleudoniem

Looking at the weather
Vapour from a cup of tea
Sipping from the news some
Oblivious events
In everybody's end
Everybody's true
Backpacks full of hindsight
Collected from the blue

She'd been rambling all along
She'd been slightly out of touch
He'd figured what her problem was
And tried to reason

But she'd clearly found a way
To fruitfully deny
The worms in the attic
Had been breeding

She'd decked the place with flowers
A garland in her head made
The floor look nice and fresh
And fabulous in red

There comes a time
When it is time to move
To leave you alone
When you choose to

Watering the daisies
In her washing-up machine
She wiped her hand across a plate
A crack was showing
She might just buy it new
If she could just afford it
You sometimes pay a price
To keep the pride

He'd been rambling all along
He'd been slightly out of touch
She'd figured what his problem was
It was arrogance, for sure.

He clearly thought it wise
To angrily run down that
If any worms at all
The worms were hers

They're eating up the floor
He cried, and worse than that
They're eating mine,
I'm asking you to listen
I'm asking you to listen
I'm asking you to listen

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