This was the challenge this week: "This weekend we are going back the the late 90s early 00s with the theme being retrigs, ratchet and glitch. It was everywhere for a brief period of time and shaped the way our machines were made. You don't have to go full drill and bass madness you can add it in subtle ways if you want... or you can just go mental. I'll let you choose."
So Having just bought an Arturia MicroFreak and Audiothingies MicroMonsta, I had to use them both. So after an afternoon of unplugging, and re-configuring all my MIDI cables, I'm almost there. Or there enough to bash out a jam at least!
I'm using a pattern on the Tr8s called EDM-Metal, but tweaked a bit, and messed with. Microfreak has a 64 step sequence of resonance and gaps. Skulpt adds some percussive blips. Micromonsta I couldn't quite get to sync yet, so I went with an evolving sweepy pad.

    Dnb chill, Dnb, drum and bass, glitchcore, glitchstep, Chillstep
    • 86.5 bpm
    • Key: Cm
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