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Piano Music, Soft, Relaxing, Joyful, Joyful Music Relaxation ♫ ☯ Ambient piano music

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**Look for the new Subliminal Tracks to change your life ! :-)

Musique sublinale pour changer sa vie**

Let yourself be rocked by the magic of Phil-Impros piano, relaxing, soft, surprising music. My improvisations on the piano are an expression of spontaneity, joy, gratitude, beauty of life. This instrumental music without words is ideal to relax, relieve stress, help to sleepx, read or study and for general relaxation. This original, inventive and unique music will help you relax and focus on your revisions, exams or before a job interview.

Piece of music for slow and relaxing piano. Instrumental music, to listen for example for your morning playlist, to relax, play in the background while you work or study, to think, create, dream, make love, meditate or simply for one of your music playlists.

Please share, like, repost and comment your prefered tracks :-)

I love to improvise on my piano to create a joyous and beautiful soundtrack to embellish your life.

Hello from France,

Phil-impro music creator

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