I Try
Lyrics & Vocals by Paula P'Cay
Music by Prod. MrBusiness

I Try
where do you come from
tell me who sent yo to me
It must have been quite hard to find me

what would you do now
if you would be in my place
would you run away or would you stay

I've been waiting for so long
and now I'm shure that I'll be strong
since you came along - now I'm drowning

I'm ve been waiting all my life
for a humble Mr.Right
love is touching me
I'm still drowning

I gotta keep moving-moving -moving
but I won't give up
I gotta keep moving-moving- moving
tillI open up my heart.
and I will be -I try - yes I will be ready-try
yes I will be -yes I will be ready

for the love I've got - and for the love you give
for the good and the bad times
for the strength I need
for my heart and soul and to find back home
for the sun and the raindrops and for this song

I will try this time-try as good as I can ..yeahh

You know I'm sorry that I can't let go
I'm still afraid to let you know that I -need more time
you keep telling me everyday,
that you never gonna walk away
that you gonna stay right by my side
no more need for me to fight
and the way you hold me tight,I think I love you- I think I do

what if I loose myself- what if it hurts again
what if I take your hand now- what if I try again

what if you make me happy- what if I take my chance
what if you are the only- who can understand

well I try and I try this time - I'm moving
yes,I try and I try this time - I'm moving
yes,I try and I try this time - I'm moving on

I'm no longer afraid - I try- 'cause love -feels good- I try- I try- I try

    • 117 bpm
    • Key: Dm
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