"Heroes of Freedom" Berlin invites Europe on 29.08.2020

This is a musical invitation to all of our international friends to take to the streets with us on August 29th, 2020 in Berlin for our human and freedom rights.
Please share this song if you like it in all international group loves thanks!
Thanks to all the independent media, to all educators, activists, demonstrators and all people with hearts and minds
...see you!
United in Berlin!
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Lyrics & vocals
prod. Dj Mesia
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( Berlin invites Europe 29.08.2020 )
lyrics by Paula P'Cay (12.08.2020 )

Heroes Of Freedom

we - we are the people
and we - we stand up everyone
and noone can stop us from rising
oh we can beat them
all together as one
we can be heroes now and forever

we belong all to the human race
now it's time to stand up and show your face
we are free, strong and we are wise
now it's time for us to rise

you - you raise your voice now
together - we claim our rights
oh nothing - can stop us from rising
we all can be heroes
if we show our love

we can be free - now and forever

I - I can remember
the day - they all locked us down
choir: they locked us down

they're talking - about vaccines and wearings masks
choir: wearing masks

they take our own decicions away
choir : yes, they try

now we're here - all united in Berlin
and we claim
choir : yes, we claim

freedom and peace!

we can be free
now and forever

we belong all to the human race
now's the time to stand up and make a change
we are proud ,full of diginity
come and join - love and humanity

we can be heroes -now and forever!

Come to Berlin on August 29th, 2020 and please share , downlad and reupload this video and make subtitles in any language - THANK YOU!

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    • 92 bpm
    • Key: Gbm
    • Berlin
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