This is a piece i did damn near ten years ago as part of my therapy in another life, it reflected a piece i did when I graduated college called Life Goes On and was a tryptich featuring a hand with a bleeding cut, and hand with a band aid on it and a hand that was healed with a scar. This is an audio collage that reflected my life before therapy and the events leading up to being put into a treatment not unlike our old droog Alex in Clockwork Orange, the Ludavico Technique...the second part deals with getting therapized and "cured" then the last stage shows my life after supposedly and is really the idealized way it should go but rarely does...this is highly personal and has no place being shared quite honestly but im an open book and quite frankly as musically inept as I am it really is my proudest work in sampling and editing. Quite the excorsism in futility and practice of majick in the true sense, the cut ups of Genesis P Orridge, Bryon Gysin and William Burroughs were inspiration and continue to be...
We all suffer daily, might as well call it art and flex dem shits

    • 93 bpm
    • Key: Bm
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