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The band was founded 1994. Finally a name was found two years later - 1996 -
and so "Paranoya" was called to be. Or so. The music sounds like a mixture of Trash, Hardcore, Street-Punk.
It kicks a lot. The roots of the band were laid in Hamm-Wiescherhöfen: Bored by the nonexistence
of possibilites for the youth there - Schützenverein was not an option - combined with a lot of spunk and
the same musical preferences they founded "Paranoya". The band regrouped two times and finally found in 2004
for the instrument that's not a guitar but neither part of a drumset. The first official vinyl'7 was out in 1999, "Out",
published by "Na und Records". Some songs were contributed to different samplers. Antitode,
Mass Murders are not a bad company if it comes to samplers... The first album "No one" was published
in spring 2001 by Horror Buisness Records. After some tracks on seperatet compelations and an DIY-Live CD in 2005,
we recorded our new Album "ATMEN" and released it in Dezember 2008/January 2009.
In April 2012 the 7”Vinyl-EP with a download was released by Major Threat and Pararec.
Since 1996 the band is touring, playing good concert, bad concerts, mediocre concerts and that's all, folks! ..........

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    Other, Punk
    • 144 bpm
    • Key: Dbm
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