It would be like the the acid of your first glance.
Like the buried sensation of your hug.
Like the nostalgia of the first and the last kiss.
Like the apocalypse of the inner and outer truth.
Like Revolution & chaos.
With no extra time nor last chances.
We could come closer again, frantically placid.
Carrying no past, having no future.
Because the 'Triumph Of Death' would be here, for each and every one of us..

This set could be partly a tribute to GLOBAL UNDERGROUND RECORDS and their series. All these epic trance tracks which could be characterised as classic, are 1997-99's releases. The only exception I made of this rule, is the track 'CoMmUnIcAtE' by BT, because of a notably dark reason.

Thank you for listening.
Hope you'll enjoy.
But most of all, hope you'll cogitate..

With love and appreciation,
Ginger Vag

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