Accelerate Radio is a podcast in which we present you our slightly different look on trance music.
We know that in most sets or podcasts there is sometimes monotony and predictability, so we will record our episodes based on sophisticated productions so as to surprise the listener and make him want more.
We do not want to rely on fashion or trends and we will always look for something unique so that every episode of our podcast will be different from broadcasts the rest of DJs.
In Accelerate Radio you will hear productions from such genres as techno, tech trance, psy trance and uplifting because we believe that this combination will make our podcast unique and give the listener a powerful dose of musical energy.



  1. Alex Di Stefano - Metamorphosis (Intro)
  2. Phutek & Ben Keen - Dreams (Original Mix)
  3. Phutek & Ben Keen - Paradox (Hell Driver Remix)
  4. 2nd Phase - Agenda 21 (Dualitik & Pedro Delgado Remix)
  5. Spertaque - Do It Right (Chicago Loop Remix)
  6. Phutek - Optimize (Hell Driver Remix)
  7. MGJ, Norbert Davenport - Time Walker (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
  8. Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink - The box (Alex Di Stefano Remix)
  9. Alen Milivojevic - Dementio Remix (Alen Milivojevic 2017 Remix)
  10. Dataworx - Drive (Christian Cambas Remix)
  11. Umek - Mechanical Blade (Original Mix)
  12. Umek - Delirium Is Family 2 (Original Mix)
  13. Schuhmacher, Balthazar & JackRock - Sick On Toast (Original Mix)
  14. Umek & Beltek - Charley Chopper (Original Club Mix)
  15. Phutek - This Groove (HP Source Remix)
  16. Mark Sherry - Gravitational Waves (Peter Fern Remix)
  17. Alex Di Stefano - Gateway (Christian Cambas Remix)
  18. Peter Fern - The Path of Destruction (Original Mix)
  19. Khainz - On The Weekend (Christian Cambas Remix)
  20. Umek & Beltek - Out Of Play (Original Club Mix)
  21. Balthazar & JackRock vs Tesla - The Crafter (Christian Cambas Remix)
  22. Dani Sbert - Doom (Christian Cambas Remix)
  23. Umek & Christian Cambas - Heroes Of The Night (Original Mix)
  24. Peter Fern - Like Disco (Original Mix)
  25. Omega Drive - Rock The Discoteque (Peter Fern Remix)
  26. Arkham Knights - Phantom (Original Mix)
  27. E-Craig - Dutch Drum Attack (E-Craig remix)
    1:08:20   Mark Sherry - Gravitational Waves
    1:48:20   Omega Drive - Rock The Discoteque

    Techno, Minimal Techno, Funky Techno
    • Type: DJ-Set
    • 130 bpm
    • Zielona Góra, Polska
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