Right, Enough. Time to rise, awareness is such. We are as a global entity, a global force of activism, a global community. Here on the epitome of humans stretch for a sustainable future, we as a species knows, we hear it in the wind of destruction, in the cries of famine, in the death by curable plagues. At the edges of the map now well known, we see. The desire to eliminate the suffering of others, met by the profound ignorance of the power consuming, enforced leaders of global factions, vastly controlled by personal wealth, that of which is drawn from our collective planet. The implementation of societal growth, global balance, peace in our section of cosmic plane, rides upon an awakening. The realization that you personally, are incredibly powerful. Seek, to ease the suffering of others, seek to serve an objective larger then personal gain, seek the true legacy of existence. Or be forgotten in time, as if perished in the desert of the age of greatest indifference. Move deliberately, with intention to fulfill that which you seek to be, as reality of future will parallel your desires of present, through:Action/cause/effect

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