Getting Healthy with Iroquois Social Songs using the 'Couch to 5k' program.

This is week 5. Each day has a different routine and starts and ends with a 5-minute walk. Day 1 has three sets of 5 minute runs and 3 minute walks. Day 2 has two sets of 8 minute runs and a 5 minute walk. Day 3 has one 20 minute run with no walks.

These podcasts are inspired by Robert Ullrey's "Podcasts for Running", that uses the "Couch to 5k" in 9 weeks program from the Cool Running's website. These podcasts, use Iroquoian Social Songs with the timed, spoken instructions when to jog or walk.

Please give us any suggestions or requests that you might want to hear in the upcoming shows. Be sure to check with your doctor that you are healthy enough to start this program. Pay attention to your body, and give yourself time to recover between jogs/ walks.

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