• Tracy Shenandoah - Old Moccasin Dance
  • House of Shem - Let It Be (YouTube) (Website) (Facebook) (Twitter) (Wikipedia)
  • Whitefish Jrs - Straight (Sweetgrass Records) (Facebook)
  • Elk Solider - Butters (Facebook) (Last FM)
  • Archie Roach - Took The Children Away (Website)
  • Briggs - The Children Came Back (YouTube) (Facebook)
  • K/G Singers - Fishing Dance/Canoe Dance
  • Bad Medicine - Horse Stealing Song (AllMusic)
  • Buffy St. Marie - Power in The Blood (website) (Facebook) (Twitter)
  • Northern Cree Singers - Look At This (Crow Hop) (Dj Anonymous Remix) (Website) (Facebook)
  • Stoney Creek Singers - Doublebeat (Facebook) (MySpace)
  • Jake Thomas - Delaware Skin Dance (aka Stick Dance) (Iroqrafts)

Hosted by: Kyle Martin • Posted July 20, 2015

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    Native American, Indigenous
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