• Allegany Singers - Fish Dance
  • House of Shem - Take You There (Website) (Facebook) (YouTube)
  • Archie Roach - Cannot Buy My Soul (from album 'Cannot Buy My Soul') (Website)
  • Stoney Park - Peji Song (from album 'Best of Stoney Park') (Facebook) (Info at Sweetgrass Records)
  • Young Spirit - Weechaaala (from album 'Nitehe Ohci - From The Heart') (Facebook) (Info at Canyon Records)
  • Cam Hill - War Dance/Smoke Dance (from album 'Smoke Dance Songs')
  • Bill Crouse - Smoke Dance (from 'Grand River Pow-wow 1995')
  • Tudjaat - Qiugauiit (from album 'A Native American Odyssey - Intuit To Inca') (Wikipedia)
  • Huron Miller - Round Dance (from 'Reel to Reel')
  • North Bear - Daddy's Girl (from Gathering Of Nations album 'Wicoyecage Oitokca/Generation Of Change (2012)') (Facebook)
  • Blackstone Singers - Generations (from album 'Kaskite Asiniy') (MySpace)
  • Jamie Coon - Day After Day (from album 'Day After Day') (Website) (Facebook)
  • Crystal Shawanda & Don Amero - Broken Hearts (from album 'Refined') (Crystal's Website) (Don's Website)
  • Newtown Men - New Women's Shuffle Dance (from Sing at Ohi:yo - Fall 1995)

Hosted by: Kyle Martin • Posted July 5, 2015

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    Native American, Indigenous, First Nations
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