Gayowah 101 - Show #02
• "Intro Song" by Northern Wind Singers
• "Searchin' (A Slow Tune)" by Derek Miller
• "Tshishe Manitu" by Florent Vollant
• "Pigeon Dance" by Cam Hill + Ed Thomas
• "Walking Into Doors" by Archie Roach
• "The Power of the Harden Bratt" by Ulali
• "1-2-3 You're Out" by Grey Buffalo
• Butterfly by Eli Secody
• "War Dance (Slow Smoke Dance)" by Kyle Dowdy Sr.
• "War Dance/Smoke Dance (Half Slow/Half Fast)" by Cam Hill
• "Smoke Dance" by Lyle Anderson
• "Smoke Dance" by Bill Crouse
• "Friendship Dance" by Steve Henhawk + Guy Williams
• Southern Man by Smith, Toppah, & Landry
• "Duck Dance by Huron Miller
• "Butter's Loving Feeling" by Youth Singers (from Northern Cree + Friends - Vol. 6)

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    Native American, Iroquois Social Dance, Indigenous, First Nations
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