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How to introduce Jeff 23 /Asipu and his energy...

To begin with he is one of the DJ founders of the European underground scene and fundamental building block of Spiral tribe and SP23, in love with traveling and human encounters from which he draws his styles always remaining on the cutting edge he continues to spread the " good" virus around the world with sets transporting to you another dimension. Plural multiverse where his style is adapted to each event he will transports you to another universe where magic, travel and awakening are the key words.
His adventures began in 1987 in the Spanish islands where he began his career in electronic music.
1989: He returns to England where he promotes raves and participates in the first wave of Clubs and underground events,
1991 goes to Greece and perfects the art of DJing
1991: The SPIRAL TRIBE adventure begins. Importing and discovering Techno in Europe via free raves and teknivals
1990 and 2000, he embraces the biggest events with different musical styles. Known mostly for his wonderful talents as a DJ, he also produced under the name Teknikal Sinner , always remaining at the forefront and evolving with the musical genres .
These adventures take him all over the world. The rest is history .
2011-: Part of his large SPIRAL TRIBE family reunites under SP23, continuing to spread the "good" virus in Clubs, parties all over the globe alongside anyone open to the musical experience.
They perform at biggest festivals and clubs : Fuji rock Japan, Boomtown UK, Fusion festival DE, Concrete Paris, Dehors brut, Rex club Paris, Fuze Brussels, Cross club Prague, Griessmühle Berlin, A.D.E, not to mention all the events in exhibition centers and concert halls in France .
33 years of career performing in the biggest events playing along side the like of Jeff mills , Miss Kitten , the Hacker , Colin Dale , Colin Favor , Woody mc bride , Jerome hill , Dave the drummer , Liberators , Lenny dee , Lisa N Elias, Manu le malin Victor Ruiz , TTC , also performing on Kiss FM UK , FG Radio Paris and the first Real Techno clubs in the UK like , Sativa Edinburgh , Knowledge , Turnmills and Eurobeat 2000 .
2019-2021: Covid forces Jeff 23 to stay in SE Asia and he immerses himself in the different musical styles being played .
2021: Back in Europe, Albania, a new dynamic scene is forming . He creates ASIPU (The Therapist), born from the healing energies of the Balkans .
His style for ever evolving, now drawing from tribal basslines and breaks also tropical minimal and melodic vibes found in Asia, Africa & South America.
He will transport you to a world of daydreams, a roller coaster between Techno, interdimensional sounds, tribal, urban and innovative rhythms. Bewitching bass lines connecting your whole body, mind and heart to the Cosmos.
At the forefront of these styles, whether you know it or not, you will be spellbound .


Better known as Jeff23. Asipu has been on a musical journey spanning over 33 years.
He has been on a personal journey of transformation, inner change and evolution since 2017.
2020 was a rocky but enlightening year, and amid the global shutdown, he temporarily moved his base from Europe to SE Asia where he took further steps forward. During the lockdowns, he explored, studied, absorbed and digested everything from different viewpoints and, as a result of wondrous encounters achieved Master level in his Reiki practice.
Having reconfirmed via his new knowledge how much music can heal people, he set sail into new fields of music, regardless of his past recognition. He called his new project "ASIPU" (also the name of the ancient Mesopotamian therapists ). More downtempo genre and free, he persists with the cutting-edge sounds and the essence of the "body dancing on its own" that he is best known for, the vibration of love in the music remains the same as when he started DJing.
In 2020 He started an event in Asia called Otaku with his partner to share and gather wisdom and techniques with locals and people from abroad on how to live in this turbulent era. Based on a musical soundtrack including various spiritual practices, therapists, movement, organic food, permaculture and upcycling workshops with a local market etc. Guided from the higher plains this event increased the motivation of many people to get with the program and provided them with the freedom to participate, learn, dance and meet new people.
This concept has moved to Tunisia with an exceptional Team of organisers, teachers, therapists shamans and Musicians, in the Guise of Omnia Therapia, where we will pursue music, spirituality, healing and autonomy with everyone even more deeply.


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