Planetary Dawn....Crimson sky in other spheres....In One world two suns are raising through the sky....Both warm and intense, different collored in pink....A low breeze of wind carries silverdust through the air and stroke the blue skin of the humanly but different creature in this far away planetary system......The suns are going up and a new day, full of exotic voices with an air full of foreign insence begins. In the sky, here and there swarms with foreign little flattering creatures. Trees with fleshy leafes everywhere and at the horizon, giant tubes of planty bodies that are stretching it selfs up, as high as skies with colorful stripes and blossoms, embedded in their cellulair, wet glancing tooth-like corrugated skins. Swarms of Floating giants are to see in the sky, that looks like oversized, glassy Rays, transparent, occupied by colorful organs dawns in a far away planetary system of creation...

    Electro, electro instrumantal, electric, instrumental, electronic, electronica, ambient, chillout, instrumental chillout, instrumental ambient, spheric, atmospheric
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