What up crew been a hot second since I've posted up a mix, been having some health issues for the past 7 months and decided to take a break, but now I'm back to bring the world more mischief/mayhem and terror. enjoy


  1. Zardonic/Counterstrike/Gein/Robyn Kaos: Revolution
  2. Joanna Syze: Soul Is Mine(feat. Zardonic/Dextems)
  3. Counterstrike/Current Value: Obessive (4 am mix)
  4. Counterstrike: Burst
  5. CA2K: Nerve
  6. Dean Rodell: B World
  7. Dub Elements: Black Ninja
  8. Limewax/Cooh: Gab5
  9. Eiton/Kaiza: Qebab
  10. Gancher/Lethal: Insecticide (J0h4n remix)
  11. Max Shade/Roxod/Larrge: Hallucinations
  12. Air J/Nagato/T-Psy: System
  13. Beastie Noize's: Get Out
  14. Fragz!: Splinter Cell
  15. Nagato: Chase
  16. Hedj (rip): Paranoia (Zardonic remix)
  17. The Sect: Keep Everyone Afraid
  18. Machine Code/Dean Rodell: The Shadow
  19. Joanna Syze: Rodina (feat. Zardonic)
    nemesisfive, techno-dnb, drum and bass, technoid, techstep, hardtechstep
    • Type: Podcast
    • Release Date: 2012-06-01
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