Name of project/grant: Rendez-Vouz de la Francophonie

Name of producing station: CIVL

Name of producer: Julia Hodgins

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Graham St Eloi, Julia at

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Volunteer radio producer, show host and DJ at CIVL, her weekly show, “iheartlatinamerica”, has been in the air for more than 3 years and is broadcasted in English. The show’s intention is to share what is that Latin Americans like, listen to, dance to, sing, what kind of music and content they produce. The spirit is to look beyond the stereotypes that circulate in media and popular culture. Julia has also volunteered in Radio in her country of origin, Peru, during 2 years in “Spirals” - a weekly show on personal growth and positive thinking. Julia is a Sociologist concentrated in Social Research, UFV alumni. Also, she has studies in marketing, philosophy, and training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and groups dynamics. She is a former volunteer for AFS Peru Intercultural Programs – Lima Committee, for the Agricultural Workers Alliance (Abbotsford), and many other events and causes. In 2013 Julia was invited to present one of her social research projects to the Congress for the Humanities and Social Sciences, and in 2014 Julia successfully led the research component of a project within CIVL, to map the opinion that UFV students have about non-academic fees. She just finished a documentary podcast on “Indigenous Languages in Music” and was a presenter at NCRC36 about “Interculturality”.

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Content is deep interview to a multilingual subject about his French and English experiences along his acculturation process after moving into Canada. He is an Argentinian-born and speaks both Canadian official languages good enough to interact at community, professional, academic, and social levels. He is currently a guitarist and composer who recently launched an album called SuperNova.

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