NCRA Audio Submission Form
Last Updated Jan 2016

Name of project/grant: Rendez-vous de la Francophonie

Name of producing station: CFMH-FM (Local 107.3FM)

Name of producer: Pat Bonner

Contact information of producer or station coordinator: Brian Cleveland,

Short bio of producer (1 paragraph, 250 max words): Pat Bonner is a musician and filmmaker from Saint John, NB.

1-2 Sentence description of the show: On this episode, we take a trip to Claude's House, Moncton's great DIY venue, with Beard Springsteen. The show talks to one of the organizers of Claude's House about the legacy of Claude Leger of Idée du Nord and his impact on the DIY punk scene. Then we talk to Jean-Étienne Sheehy of Beard Springsteen and Saint-Jack about French music and music publications in a predominantly English region of the only officially bilingual province in Canada.

Longer description of show/content (500 word max, to go on website -please provide shortened detail on each information update or audio capsule):

Songs played (If any):
*Required for SOCAN and CRTC Logging - Add lines if needed

CRTC Cat Artist composer(s) Song Name CanCon (Y/ N) Length of Song Time of Song
21 Beard Springsteen Jean-Étienne
Sheehy Slippery Sidewalks Y 3:38 9:45
21 Saint-Jack Y 3:31 24:18

Are the songs above "Copyright Free", i.e. in the public domain?: No

Length of audio: 28:00

Other Information (If necessary):

Format for Payment (If applicable): Cheque

Name on Cheque (If applicable): Campus Radio Saint John Inc.

Location of Cheque to be sent (If applicable):

Campus Radio Saint John Inc.
100 Tucker Park Rd.
Saint John, NB
E2L 4L5

    10:00   Beard Springsteen - Slippery Sidewalks
    24:00   Saint-Jack - Je te déteste Fredericton

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