I'm starting fresh with a new weekly[we'll see how long this lasts] mixtape series. This first installment is my submission to a Summer Mix Series presented by a local organization headed by some of my good friends/fellow music lovers, I.T.S. Music Playground. It's due today and in true Nativity fashion I waited until the last night[morning] to record it. I was listening to Radio Soulwax on repeat for a couple hours before compiling the tracks for the mix. This explains the genre jumps and Soulwax tracks. Also included are some exclusive tracks by some of my friends, BBoy Peanut from Cambodia, and GotsĂș Ongeslis [YO Bill + Mr. Anderson] from skurptycity. The mix is far from perfect and I did it in one take. So yes there are errors. Even if I were to re-do the mix perfectly it would take away from the humanity and spontaneity of the vibe. Let me know if you like what you hear or if you have any tracks you want me to include in future mixes. nativitymusic@gmail.com nativitymusic.com

    7:00   Midnight Magic - Beam Me Up
    9:00   Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
    10:00   Flying Lotus - Do The Astral Plane

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    • Type: Mix
    • Release Date: 07/01/2011 00:00
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