2021 50/90 song number 16 of 50.

I like this one. I think I screwed up the guitar part in the chorus about a thousand and two times before I finally had a useable take. I think it was probably worth it.

The guitars are a Les Paul standard into an MXR Uni-vibe into a Ryra the Klone into a Bassbreaker 15. The lead tracks also had a Malaise Forever Black Lives Matter.

And I am caught in the middle
and there is no way to free myself
Its all too late and too little
The party’s over for me

(last time only)
There is no simple solution
though every step is so clear to me
Its gonna end in confusion
and so it always will be

There’s no easy way to say
The things that we need to say

There’s no easy way to do
The things that we need to do

I can see where it will lead
Just one way we can proceed

C Prime
What I said
Can you all see it
In the end
It will all come true

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    • 121 bpm
    • Key: Am
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