The final RPM Challenge, Record Every Month Challenge thing is done. March through January, with the actual RPM happening in February. Success, even though I forgot to actually submit a bunch of them.

For the second time I seem to have written the same song twice. The other one will be coming at some point in the near future. I still have to mix it. Both songs have the same changes in the chorus. Emin7 -> Bmin7 -> A7. Why do I keep doing that?

This was written on the guitar… which might explain the same thing over and over again thing… were they all started on guitar? Could be. I initially thought the other song was going to be the better of the two, but this one wins in the end. It might be due to the actual honest to goodness counter melody in the second chorus. Woah!

The rhythm guitars were my Gibson SG. I played my new Les Paul exclusively for eight whole months before breaking out the SG to record this tune. The lead was the new Les Paul Standard. The amp on all of the guitar tracks is a Fender Bassbreaker 15. Pedals on the rhythm parts were an Earthquaker Devices The Depths and a Ryra The Klone. The lead only used a Fuzz Face.

Verse 1
There’s not much to this
There’s not much to miss
Same situation
No contemplation

Verse 2
No chance we’ll make it
So let’s just fake it
false information
no explaination

Its a thought that I have
while I’m wasting time

Its a question I ask
while I wait in line

There’s a place in my dreams
I don’t understand

Always out of my reach
never goes as planned

Chorus counter melody
Just goes to show you
Not up for review
I’d demonstrate it
but I won’t commit

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    • 168 bpm
    • Key: Em
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