UPDATE: I remixed this. I replaced the plate reverbs with rooms.

Another song from the 2022 RPM Challenge, re-recorded for Quarantine Tunes Volume Seven.

Not a lot different between this and the original. The rhythm guitar is still sloppy but maybe not quite as sloppy. The leads are okay but not great. The vocals are okay. I think I might have cut a few bars out of the middle section in 4/4. All in all, not too bad.

The guitars are all Gibson Les Paul Standard and the amps are all Vox AC15. The rhythm used an Earthquaker Devices The Depths into a Klon KTR into a Keeley D&M Drive. The lead used the KTR into a Wampler Plexi Drive Mini.

Have a need that you cannot reach
what’s the use in trying
have a feat that you can’t complete
should you even care

Verse 1 and 3
self compete
you’re a loser
what’s the problem now
Don’t you cheat
you’re a quitter
No one showed you how

Verse 2
Precious time
always slipping
watch it fade away
‘nother day
‘nother dollar
nothing else to say

That’s all that’s left to me now

Last time around
that’s so profound
no hate allowed
that heavy crown

Last time around

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    • 114 bpm
    • Key: Abm
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