2021 50/90 Song Number 44

Another swing thing… sort of. Not as overt as the others, and I really wasn’t planning on it. The GarageBand session drummer suggested it and I figured the session drummer knows best, right?

All of the fun of 50/90 dried up last night while I was asleep. Another user asked if he could remaster the song I posted last night and then without waiting for me to respond (I was asleep) he went ahead and did it anyway. I’m done now. I will post the rest of the stuff this year but keep it all private. The moral of the story is don’t fuck with other people’s stuff.

All of the guitar tracks used a slight variation on a setup. They all used my Les Paul Standard 50s into a Ryra The Klone and a Fender Bassbreaker 15. The difference is what came between the Klone and the amp. For the rhythm tracks, nothing. For the drone in the background, a Wren and Cuff Super Russian. For the lead, a Keeley D&M Drive (just the Dan side).

Beyond the range of your eyes
It likes to sit there and hide
Its not that big a surprise
It’s like it won’t even try

Verse 1
Its like a thought that comes to you
Its like a dream that won’t come true
Give me a chance and you might see
The truth might still set you free

Verse 2
What can you do about it now
its gone away I don’t know how
I’m seeing red and it is true
There’s nothing else we can do

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    • 89 bpm
    • Key: G
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