2021 50/90 Song Number 41.

I haven’t really slept in almost three days and yet I mixed a song. I have no idea if it’s listenable or not.

Am I overusing the wah pedal? Why yes, yes I am. Is it bad? Hell if I know, I am so tired I’m not even sure what my name is anymore.

All of the guitar tracks are my Les Paul Standard 50s through my Vox AC15. Rhythm tracks used a cry baby wah, a Klon KTR, and a Keeley D&M Drive. Leads used a Malaise Forever Black Lives Matter instead of the D&M but everything else was the same.

Give me one break
One chance no fakes
Not asking too much
I took one look

Verse 1
Seems like they’ve gone to ground
no chance they will be found
its just the way it needs to be
don’t even make a sound

Verse 2
There’s no place left for me
No place I’d rather be
can’t seem to find the sense in it
some things you have to see

The picture is not clear to me
I guess there is no need to see

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    • 91.5 bpm
    • Key: Gm
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