This is the result of a stunning lack of rehearsing.

I write these little songs as I am recording them and as a result there is no actual rehearsing of anything involved. I do it all on the spot. I really enjoy that process but sometimes it means that an idea I work on doesn’t stick with me and I end up rewriting the same idea at some future point. I accept that this is a thing that I do, but usually it doesn’t happen on the same day.

I had been working on a song for the RPM Challenge’s Record Every Month challenge. I wrote the music and recorded the rhythm guitars and all was well. A few days later I wrote the melody and the lyrics, and a day or so after that I recorded the vocals. Later that day I was planning on adding the lead guitar, but as a warm up I decided I would start a new song and it would be based on the first thing that popped into my head when I plugged in the guitar.

I did not realize that the first thing that came into my head was actually the chorus from the song I had sung that morning, just slowed down 30-40 beats per minute. Oops. It had started to dawn on me before I finished the new song’s structure but it wasn’t until I opened up that morning’s song to add the leads and actually listened to the chorus that I realized exactly how stupid I’d been and I laughed my ass off at my own expense for a while. Dumb ass.

I thought about scrapping the new idea but instead decided it would be part two of the first song. A sequel, if you will. I forced the issue by using one line of lyrics from the first song in the second song. It’s also the title of the song so that sort of made sense.

Now we all know how rare it is for a sequel to be better than the original, but as I sit here typing this out, I am thinking this song is the Empire Strikes Back to part one’s A New Hope. In other words, I think I like this one more.

All of the guitars are my Gibson Les Paul Standard, and all of the guitar tracks are through a Vox AC15 amp. The rhythm guitars used a Ryra The Klone overdrive pedal and a little bit of tremolo from the amp. The leads also used the Ryra along with a Malaise Forever Black Lives Matter and a Dunlop Cry Baby Wah.

You take a shot at redemption go on
no need to hint at a mention its gone
So take a look past your shoulder and see
it couldn’t feel any colder agree

Its a whisper on the wind
You can feel it on your skin
from within

C Section
No chance for me
No chance for me

Its just a twist to the story nowhere
its such a strange allegory take care
If you could sense the deception would you
if you could make an exception will do

Its a chance you have to take
Its a rule you have to break
No mistake

C Section
No chance for me
No chance for me

Do you agree
can you see

Its down to you
Down to me

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    • 98 bpm
    • Key: Em
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