2021 5090 Song Number 24

Massachusetts state law mandates that all internet based song writing challenges include at least one bluesy balladish song in 6/8 time. I didn’t want to write this, The Man made me.

I like the melody, I like the simple rhythm guitar part even though the arpeggios in the chorus set off my arthritis, or carpal tunnel, or whatever the hell it is that sometimes hurts like a mutha when I play.

Two items of note from the song writing perspective. First, over the last couple of weeks I have found myself getting into a habit of writing a short song and then tacking something more or less completely unrelated onto the end of it. Not so much as padding but more like a suite, or a medley or something like that. This is the first song that’s made it to the final mix stage, but there are two or three more on the way. I should probably stop doing that for a while.

Second, the GarageBand drummer needs to get a co-writing credit. That spot toward the end where the band stops for a beat? Yeah, that came from the drummer. I turned up the “fill” slider and it responded by dropping out entirely. It took about five seconds before I had the entire band dropping out with it. Groovy.

The guitar parts are all a Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s into a Fender Bassbreaker 15. Pedals for the rhythm are a Chicago Stompworks Blooze Maker into a Ryra The Klone (both with the volume at 10 and the gain at zero). The lead is the same only with a Wren and Cuff Super Russian after the Ryra.

A - Chorus
I don’t recall all of this happening
My memory coming up empty again

A - Verse 1
I can’t recall
No memory nothing at all

A - Verse 2
Ever so small
What happened what came of it all

B - Verse
forever unknown
struggle to understand
what happened to me
its slipping right through my own hands

B - Chorus
Through my hands

B - Chorus Ending
What did you say to me

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    • 163 bpm
    • Key: Em
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