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    #5 Equinox Psberfest Live Stream Sunday by The Mouse Hole T.V  24/7 Psytrance
    Vince Vega now playing it has all gone by so quickly.........cannot wait for the rest of today....did you get my file for ed craig?Morning Steve ..yeah im just getting them now Thanks they are great you have done some fine work over this weekend ;-)Equinox Sun 27th Sept 2020 12:00 : 13:00 Vinie Vaga Dj Set 13:00 : 14:00 Emma Clair Dj Set 14:00 : 15:00 Zion Train 15:00: : 16:00 Electrick Blue (AV Set) 16:00 : 17:00 Barry Ashworth Dj Set (Dub Pisti slight change to the line up Miss Kiff sadly cant make it so i will be playing the Zion Train vid i did for them ...perfet sounds for a Sunday thanks Vice going over to Emma Claire for a bit swing in 5 Emma Claire now playing nice video and sound and vibe......i think the sun came out for a minute herei also really like the border and your new (?) logodj miss kiff not playing now?no she is not she is Busy with other stuff Steven the Bets Bizarre yeah Steve NO Miss Kiff she has a lot on at the min :-(thanks guys! TBB - it's a fairly new logoVery nice tunes xxx ?great to here some swing and beats love it xx Thanks Emma xxx perfect you're very welcome!it is making me wanna do some swing sets again.......i stopped as i was not finding shit loads of new stuff....but i do have a solid selection of absolute bangers from the birth of the sceneah there is quite a lot of new stuff being released tbfyes some of the tracks hearthis has listed in the set list are wrong btw yeah it does not seem to pick up all the tracks but yeah they are still there ..do got over to the links and support the artists thanks I need to give a cheeky plug to my tracks as it hasn't pulled them up - Revelation Robot and Move Your Feetyeah if they have just come out might take a while to show up here Afternoon PeopleAfternoon Craigo ..and another Craig ehWe are everywhereYEAH THERE ISA FEW ABOUT Last 10 mins from Emma then over to Zion Train for a but dub reggea Currently playing Jamie Berry Delight Vs Basement Jaxx (Emma Clair Mashup) Good stuff EmmaThanks Emma Clair, nice workOne Love❤??Thanks for Emma Claire that was a breath of fresh air nice one xxx that would of went down well at Equinox hi Paulius justfor you eh going to have a change around of the line up ..keeping with the Dub we are going over to Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols ) then over to  Electrick Blue Zion Train now playing Tuuune?this Zion trains new album this video i did was for the release what time an I on then Carig?Craig :)Bless❤??you going on at 4 Electrick as Miss kiff could not do it so to keep on the reggea tip i had to swap ...things will flow better xx Barry ashworth now playing this is set that Barry sent me over and ive added the visual ...so its not synced ..."elecktrick blue" i got it now its still early ...or is it late ?last one from Barry Ashworth ..thanks Barry for that last track then over to Elecktrick Blue for a audio and visual delight ...Excited!Elecktrick Blue now playing xxAmazing..... Watching from a windswept but sunny hillWe will upload full hd version after the show..... Big love to you all from the beats bizarre crew.... Visuals now by uonSmoooth
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    5:33   Aquarius Heaven - Before U Go
    9:31   Moodymann - Taken Away (feat. Amp Fiddler) feat. Amp Fiddler
    15:38   3 Winans Brothers - Dance (Mike Dunn's Gospel Re-Touch)
    21:28   Louie Vega - Diamond Life (feat. Julie McKnight) [Dance Ritual Mix]
    25:29   Mike Dunn - DJ Beat That Shhh (feat. MD X-Spress)
    31:27   Jill Scott, Terry Hunter - Coming To You
    39:38   Mike Dunn - If I Can't Get Down
    43:24   Louie Vega - How He Works (feat. Nico Vega) [Nico Funk Dub 2]
    49:38   Emmaculate - Never Fall In Love With A DJ (feat. Carla Prather) [DJ Spen & Reelsoul Alternate Remix]
    53:40   Jayda G - Both Of Us
    55:28   Jayda G - Both Of Us (Edit)
    1:07:47   Swingrowers - Hybrid
    1:10:00   Bart&Baker - Roar (feat. Céline Arnaud)
    1:11:40   Klischée/Marina & the Kats - Stick To What You Got
    1:15:21   !DelaDap - Ring Me Up (Soundsystem Mix)
    1:17:35   Cab Calloway - Jumpin' Jive
    1:19:56   Papa Django - Back & Beat
    1:21:28   Musique Boutique - No No No No (Electro Swing Big Band RMX)
    1:33:34   Glenn Gatsby - Shadow Hat
    1:35:51   Crazibiza;Jazzy X - Bandie Bandie (Cheesecake Boys Remix)
    1:39:24   Antele Prox. - A Friend Like Me
    1:41:38   Wolfgang Lohr;Electro Swing Thing - Astronomia (Electro Swing)
    1:49:56   Emma Clair;Alanna Lyes;Jolyn - Move Your Feet
    1:51:28   Melleefresh,Spekrfreks - Murder
    1:53:49   Dubdogz - Techno Prank
    1:55:38   DJ Castello, SpDJ - Hava Nagila (Miami Zone Remix) [feat. Andrea Guzzoletti]
    1:57:18   Luca Lento - The Cat Came Back
    2:01:27   Honky Crew - Old Joe
    2:09:51   Zion Train - Justified Silence
    2:15:39   Zion Train - Biorhythm
    2:17:24   Zion Train - Cultural Memories
    2:21:35   Zion Train - Fateshifter (Ohiof)
    2:25:33   Zion Train - Unity
    2:29:26   Zion Train - Don't Forget
    2:33:38   Zion Train - No Peace
    2:37:29   Zion Train - Political Friction
    2:41:26   Zion Train - Journey to a Collective Illusion
    2:47:42   Zion Train - Up Bidston Hill
    2:49:48   Cara - We Shall Rise
    2:55:53   Prince Jamo,Zion Train - Politrix
    2:59:26   Zion Train - Watch Where Feat Lua
    3:07:30   The Specials - Ghost Town
    3:09:23   Capitol 1212 - Love Will Tear Us Apart
    3:13:49   Dub Pistols feat. Kitten & The Hip - Bang Bang
    3:27:42   Dub Pistols feat. Rodney P - You'll Never Find
    3:33:24   Dub Pistols feat. Gregory Isaacs & Rodney P - Six Months
    3:37:25   Dub Pistols - Old Skool
    3:41:52   Seanie T - Veterans (Wrongtom Remix) feat. Donovan Kingjay,Blak Twang,The Ragga Twins,Karl Hinds,Ty,Ricky Ranking,Pesci,Rodney P,Skeme,Breis,Navigator,MC Creed,Hil St. Soul,Roots Manuva,Poleto,Cons,Tony D,Serocee
    3:47:42   Dub Pistols - Wicked & Wild
    3:49:30   Dub Pistols - Stand Together
    3:57:18   Dub Pistols feat. Terry Hall - Problem Is
    4:03:24   Dub Pistols feat Terry Hall - Gangsters
    4:05:37   Dub Pistols - Cyclone

    • 150 bpm
    • Key: Gm
    • United Kingdom
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