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Russia has been serving up a lot of hot house music talent in recent times, with Lithuania-based emigré Ponty Mython one of the pick of the bunch. His excellent ‘Mila, It’s Not Over!’ EP on Dirt Crew recently cemented our growing love for his work, which has also appeared on French Express, Capital Bass, Swedish Brandy and Quintessentials, finding the perfect balance between raw textures and crisp production. Vintage and analog sounds permeate his work, with dreamy and wonky refrains playing against heady samples and infectious percussion. His mix for Monologues is packed with unreleased exclusives and some of his best recent work.

How would you describe your sound?

It is like mayo and ketchup together: difficult to find the name but some stuff more tasty with it.

What and who inspires you and influences your sound?

A lot of them, mostly not classics but today sound. Labels like City Fly, Dekmantel, Rush Hour – those who move forward masterfully. Although my music is not so experimental and more for dancing, I am inspired by modern sounds only.

Can you tell us a little about this mix and what it means to you?

I mixed all my key releases for 2014-2015 with a lot of new tracks – forthcoming or unreleased demos.

    Ponty Mython - Dracula’s Daydream [unreleased] [[unreleased]]
    Sebastien Vorhaus & Ponty Mython - Face Down [Dirt Crew Recordings]
    Prince - Black Sweat (Ponty Mython’s Bootleg [unreleased] [[unreleased]]
    Ponty Mython - Turn It Loud [[unreleased]]
    Ponty Mython & Sebastien Vorhaus - Lux or Cairo 88 [Quintessentials]
    Ponty Mython - Gentle Arp [[unreleased]]
    Ponty Mython - Groove Machine [[unreleased]]
    Ponty Mython - Keep On Using Me [Swedish Brandy]
    Ponty Mython - – Inner Borderline [Royal B-Sides]
    Ponty Mython - Gracefully (feat Lay-Far) [Capital Bass]
    Ponty Mython - Rudy's Loop [[unreleased]]

    ponty mython, house, deep house, russia, lithuania, dirt crew, monologues, dance, electronic, electronica
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