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    UFO Mission 029 lossless

    UFO Mission 029 by Mister Stick
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The UFO Show returns for the third show of the third season and hits you with more great musical waves than can be so easily counted.

On Mission 029, Mister Stick takes the listener for a hot ride across some fifty years of overlooked rock and roll in all kinds of shapes: Garage, psych, modernist pop, and 80s protest with side dishes of Latino trash and reggae to boot. It's a shelf full of sounds with a famiilar ring, but nowhere shall you find any household names.

Get transfixed and transfused by the likes of The Artwoods, The Flock. BoySkout, The Gems, Noonday Underground, Swell Maps, Freaks Of Nature, and more.

Want to go over the flight plan in detail? Write the man hisself at misterstickufo@gmail.com.

Mission 029 of The UFO Show was added to hearthis.at on May 24, 2024.

    0:00   Mister Stick - COLD OPEN
    0:51   Mister Stick - INTRO
    1:28   Mister Stick - RAP A
    2:04   Freaks Of Nature - People! Let's Freak Out
    4:30   The Artwoods - In The Deep End
    7:30   Mister Stick - TOSS A
    7:36   Swell Maps - Read About Seymour
    8:56   Mister Stick - RAP B
    11:12   She Trinity - Climb That Tree
    14:38   PUBLIC SERVICE DENOUNCEMENT - Physical Urges Of The Young
    15:14   BoySkout - Secrets
    17:34   UNCOMMERCIAL MESSAGE - The Imperialist Cola Doctrine
    17:50   Los Cheyenes - Conoces El Final
    19:40   The Kingstonians - Sufferer
    23:04   Mister Stick - RAP C
    25:40   Noonday Underground - London
    28:40   Dantalian's Chariot - Madman Running Through The Fields
    32:46   Mister Stick - TOSS B
    32:55   The Sound - Missiles
    39:47   Mister Stick - RAP D
    41:54   James Bond & The Agents - Wild Angel
    45:23   The Insomniacs - Maryanne Lightly
    48:13   STOLEN LAUGHS - I'm Sick Of This Song
    48:25   The Monks - Complication
    50:45   Mister Stick - TOSS C
    50:57   Eyes Of Blue - QIII
    53:24   The Flock - What Would You Do If The Sun Died (Alternate Version)
    56:02   Mister Stick - RAP E
    58:44   Gems - Shutdown
    1:00:34   Mister Stick - CLOSE

    Garage rock, 1960s garage rock, psychedelic, Mister Stick
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