here is a Jungle/ Drum & Bass mix I did, goner be in 2 parts as too many top choons to choose from.
Got a messed up hand with a broken finger and the other fingers are swollen, so I have a good excuse for the mixes…lol. Anyway 2 hours of top choons, all vinyl, 93 94 vibes, meant to be jungle but some DnB and Hardcore slipped in too. Part 2 up next week, cheers for your ears.

Spiritual Aura -Engineer without Fears
Deep Blue – Helicoptor Tune – Rufige Kru Remix
Babylon – Splash
Brainkiller – Screwface
Revelation – Love for the World
Conquering Lion – Code Red
Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction
MA2 – Hearing is Believing
Roni Size – Dictation
Urban Takeover – Bad Ass
Sounds of the Future – Lighter
Breakage – I Bring you the Future
Inta Warriors – Your Love is Yours
Simon Bass Line Smith – Palomino
Da Intalex – What Ya Gonna Do
Metal Heads – Knowledge
Rufige Cru – Darkrider
Remarc – Ricky
Sub Nation – Scottie
Johnny Jungle – Johnny – King of the Jungle Remix
DJ Harry & Point Blank – CapeFear
Crowd Says Rewind (Scum & Bass Mix)
International Rude Boys – Paragone
DJ Trace – Never Felt This Way (one step ahead)
Pennywise Remixes – Clown Mix
Higher Sense – Listen Up
Origin Unknown – Losing U
Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows
Remarc – Thunderclap
DJ Taktic – The Way (VIP Mix)
Human Being - The Box Opened
Rotating Heads – Dark Secrets (Wishdokta’s Mash Up Mix)
DJ Zinc – Ready or Not
DJ Rap & MC Hooligan – Hooligan
Mega City 2 – Ruffneck Murderer
Smoky D – Rumble in da Jungle

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    Jungle, Old Skool Hardcore, Drum & Bass, Vinyl, Hardcore, Jungle
    • Type: Mix
    • 91 bpm
    • Key: Bm
    • Chelmsford, United Kingdom
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