Hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece and counting the likes of Maurizio, Luke Hess, Sven Weisemann and Parallel9 as his main influences, Pauldim cruises through electronic music for over a decade, while currently seeking to create sensational and atmospheric journeys with his smooth, deep-dub-techno sets just below 120bpm. Pauldim joins Ultra Deep Field Podcast with an intelligent , deep and groovy selection, consisting of solid beats, rich harmonics and classy approach towards modern age electronica. Enjoy the journey!

p.s. Feel free to support the artist directly @ soundcloud.com/pauldim

1) Trentemøller - Nightwalker (Poker Flat Recordings)
2) Sven Weisemann - Let's Swing (Oracy's Traktor Beam Dub) (Mojuba Records)
3) STL - From A Distance (Smallville Records)
4) Baumfreund - Lapidosus (Dreiton)
5) Dandytracks - Dubstories About Us 1 (Etui Records)
6) Alex Villanueva - Rayne (Scotty.A Deep Dub) ( Lowbit Records)
7) Scotty.A - Valle De La Luna (Golden Wings Music)
8) Blazej Malinowski - The Key (Silent Season)
9) Greenville Massive - What a Wonderful Place ( Soul Sheep Music)
10) Enervant - On her Black Eyelashes There Still Glistened a Tear ( Cold Tear Records)

    0:00   Trentemøller - Nightwalker
    51:40   Greenville Massive - What A Wonderful Place
    57:20   Enervant - On Her Black Eyelashes There Still Glistened a Tear

    Dub Techno
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