Woulg presents the dynamic and beautifully crafted ‘Last Time’ LP, an exploration of time and space through sonic exploration. The dynamic of the journey (and it really is a journey) sees movements that experiment with time dilation, phasing, minimalism, polyrhythms, unusual time signatures and ultimately, the relativity and space between notes. It’s a journey that demands the listener’s attention, with real beauty to be found in the details. Woulg has delivered a manifesto that’s both delicate and poised, whilst laced with razor sharp intelligence.

Artist // Woulg
Release // Last Time LP
Label // MethLab Recordings
Release Dates //
Inner Core - 15.05.18
Streaming - 03.07.18
Bandcamp - 10.07.18
Worldwide - 12.07.18


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    Woulg, Last Time, MethLab
    • 144 bpm
    • Key: Abm
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