Audeka & Rawtekk - Lost Souls - 08 - Necromancy
Forthcoming on MethLab Recordings - 23 // 09 // 2016
Artwork by SHVLFCE

The interior of the keep was blacker still, sub-frequencies permeating the structure and making the stillness feel yet alive with morbid energy. Interference was running through his implants, he sensed their inactivity and felt alone, unprotected. Picking his way through the labyrinthine stark corridors to the nexus. The low hum intensified in the passage, the air became much colder - difficult to breathe.. Pulling his cloak tight around him he ducked through a nearby opening to search for brief respite. A brief thought activated his gland through instinct, coursing agents to heighten his senses in the gloom around his system. He was not ready for the ghastly sight that creeped through the darkness into his awareness… the distorted bodies of his people, victims of horrific experimentation - their forms cut, mangled and respliced - leering out of the gloom with undead eyes, implanted with vile mechanisms, animating their twisted forms to obscure disturbing purposes in the darkness. Reeling with horror, his eyes moving swiftly across the deformed mass of his kinsmen, hoping, praying not to see her in this morbid tangle, he staggered back out of the desecrated space of life beyond death, pushing onward to the core.. conserving his breath within his chest, heavy with sorrow… determined to save her from this fate.

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    Audeka, Lost Souls LP, Necromancy, MethLab
    • 90.5 bpm
    • Key: Dm
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