Audeka - Lost Souls - 15 - Beautiful Souls
Forthcoming on MethLab Recordings - 23 // 09 // 2016
Artwork by SHVLFCE

She watched, eyes wide, body frozen in place, looking across the fractured terrain at her orb-encased lover, as the creature who would have been her death fell away behind him into the great nothingness below. His eyes locked with hers for a brief moment, even from that distance she felt the recognition and it cut through her, melting her fear and the fresh memory of entrapment on the path to her own end. She felt the gaze break, as his head twitched upward and he started to drop fluidly sideways to the ground below, taking with him a part of her… a piece of her soul cracking and falling away like a glacial iceberg into the pit of her soul. She was running, hair flowing behind her, tears streaming across her face as she crossed the distance, breaking apart in time as her heart bled into the fibres of her being. Down on her knees, straddling him.. holding his face as she watched life depart him. A single word… ‘live..’ spilled from his dying mouth and with that, he was gone. She cried out, holding her dead lover in her arms, soaking his body with the wet salt of her tears, holding her saviour… her people’s saviour. The others, coming to terms with their newfound freedom, gathered around her, placing their hands upon her back, holding her world together. Picking her up, and gathering up Velok’s lifeless body, they took in their surroundings.. holding him aloft with her in their midst, giving what comfort they could… they started their journey home, back to that dark gateway at the breach of their own reality.

Elsewhere in the keep, the infernal servers that incarcerated so many souls were still active, now free of the malignant tormentors that had kept them in their own virtual hells for what seemed like eternity. Something was happening within the system, Velok’s journey to that digital realm had left a part of him on the other side - a fragment of ancient code that was now doing its work, reconfiguring infrastructures and passing control to those locked up inside, their corporeal bodies now long dead. The morbid digital void was breaking apart, cracks of golden light fracturing the dank artificial world. Lost souls looked up toward the breaking dawn as the vile stagnant atmosphere of their oppression was stripped away. As the landscape changed around them, they were lifted skyward, their broken, fragmented selves returning to complete states, memories returning.. the horrors washed away. Tranquility ascended the serverspace as the souls within were born into a new world of their own making.

And Velok himself… let’s say he had started a new journey beyond this time and space, beyond the possibilities of storytelling.

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