Audeka (ft. Hannah Pryor)- Lost Souls - 13 - Primordial
Forthcoming on MethLab Recordings - 23 // 09 // 2016
Artwork by SHVLFCE

Deep rage birthed within Velok’s core, overwhelming him… enveloping him completely, the scent of his kin’s blood in the air… his love before him - alive, but resigned to that horrendous fate ahead. Everything that mattered lay before him on the precipice of death. Adrenaline coursed through his veins, flooding his system - pouring through him with its dark and potent energy, overlaid with the clarity of his sensory enhancements. Pulling his energy shield from his back and tightening the grip on his blade, he charged forward from the obscurity of the portal doorway and into the broken landscape. He crossed the divide quickly, weaving through his people’s inert forms and making straight for the accursed shaman. The monstrous entity perceived him quickly, twisting to face him with that deathly mask - his sensors picking up the impending particle displacement, Velok pulled his shield up just in time to absorb the pure energy beam that issued from its frontal tusk. Without pause, he pushed forward - shield ahead of him, deploying a dense wave of cyberattack clusters to run interference on his foe. The energy beam stopped, Velok dropped the shield, watching the hulking cybernetic organism reel from the invisible attack on its system infrastructure..

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    Audeka, Lost Souls, MethLab
    • 86 bpm
    • Key: Gbm
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