I mixed this in like Nov. 2011 or something and just found it again today. Bunch of clipping and whatnot because I probably sucked terribly at trying to "master" this at the time. (Or is rotational velocidensity really a thing.)

Gammer is one of the key men behind reviving the hardcore scene, such that, any so-called "Hardcore DJ" usually ends up mixing a bunch of his stuff together because it's just a thing you do. Almost like a rite of passage. Kind of.

Darren Styles & Gammer - You & I
Dougal & Gammer - Models Are Ugly
Tom Parr - Missing You (Gammer Mix)
Gammer - Chainsaw Bass (Bouncecore Remix)
Gammer & Whizzkid - We Are the Vampires
Gammer - Cube Negative
DJ Shimamura - Tokyo Hardcore Music All Night Long (Gammer Remix)
Dougal & Gammer - Guitar Hero
Gammer - Bassik
Gammer - Wonkey Donkey Kong With JB-C
Gammer & JB-C - Happy Hardhouse
Gammer & JB-C - Bigger and Bolder
Gammer & Klubfiller - Future Fuzz
Dougal & Gammer - Nobody Likes the Records
Dougal & Gammer - Anybody Else But You
Dougal & Gammer - Don't Want This Night to End (feat. Sally Jaxx)
Sy & Gammer - (I Think I'm Goin') Outta My Head
Sy & Unknown - What A Great Drug (Dougal & Gammer Remix)
Gammer - Rip Roar
Evil Activities - Nobody Said it was Easy (Gammer Remix)

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