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Bleed probably in 1956 she got married reviewto my mother and then I was born in 1958 and then we was in December 1960 is when he passed away from lymphoma correct Hodgkin's Disease Allison nannette 2 years old my dad passed away and then after that ended up moving to the cities and going to college and from there we ended up going informations to Southern Minnesota southern Minnesota my mom remarried and she remarried a farmer down there so I grew up on a farm in Jackson Minnesota and Southern Minnesota I did drop in a farm so I've talked about the family connection to Jackson Minnesota but I've never really explained it both of my parents are actually from Jackson so Dad was born specs here in this area lived here for two or three years and then ended up his dad passed away they move South and and you grew up on another farm right yep but your family still owned it up here remote specifications he tractor continued Department in had help and then he retired and he rented out to several different people after that so there's kind of a weird 5th generation farm right now but kind of in between a technical data third and fourth generation. Last at the British my dad and grandfather requirement

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